Final project: aggressive, chaotic 

Alicia Nash2d design

 For my project I wanted to show the expressive words chaotic and aggressive. I used random biomorphic shapes, in a repetitive motion, expressive brush strokes in complimentary colors, and horizontal water marks. I also used visual conflict to ,are a dynamic composition. I added water drops in a vertical position while the shapes themselves were spread across the page horizontally. I used expressive brush strokes with the colors adjacent to one another to show chaos.. My composition is not symmetrical but it is balanced. The large shapes are the primary focal points. I used baring colors of blue and gray to show contrast. It is an overall cool temperature. It used the rule of third to bring your eyes up and down the page.
The entire picture plane is utilized in non representational manner.

The inspiration for my picture was a bandanna. I liked how the shapes are chaotic yet cohesive. While deigning the colors looked brighter and unfortunately once it dried it was much more dull. I blended all the colors across the page. They range from blue, aqua, gray and purple. I waned to show this through the use of the gray shapes at the top and in the sides.
I also wanted to add red but the colors did not dry well.

My picture was unsuccessful because I had a lot of difficulty blending the gauche. The colors dried much darker and duller than when they were initially done. I also messed up on the use of complimentary colors. I thought I would be able to add the red once dried but I didn’t think it would blend well given the way the colors dried. The focal point and the visual flow did come out how I wanted. The back ground and the water drops are y favorite part of my picture. It is used in the negative space and helps to activate the entire picture plane. If I had more time I would have experimented with thepainting mediums with the gouche, to try and get a better look. Overall I liked that my shapes are harmoniousand in balance with the chaotic background.


Project 10 critique 

I chose purple and yellow as my complimentary colors. I added depth by using different shades of purple and of yellow and red. My design was successful in that I was able to use compliments to create a collage that still resembles myself.  I chose the yellow because of its intensity and I chose purple because of the color saturation in the darker hues. I used those deep hues to create depth,show the  shadows, and also to show highlights in the picture. 

Project 8 critique 

The project was done by painting various values ranging from white to black with many shades of gray in between. The papers with the values where then cut up and pasted on white drawing paper in a color by number fashion to make a self portrait. I had some difficulty with my picture only because the picture itself was so light, there wasn’t a broad value range in the picture itself. There were 9 values initially made but those values weren’t quite correct. I did not use black for project..  I had to make additional gray values. Also, my hair was very light with a lot highlights in it. I wished I had darker hair for this project lol. The hair was very hard because of the many range of values in it, and they were mostly light. The whole composition occupy a the picture plain. The value shapes are flat on a plane but it makes the picture look three dimentional. The facial features are not outlined but they are present through the use of different shapes of value. The final picture is mounted on Bristol. 

Group project 

Empahphasis and Focal Point

Example of balance through symmetry. 
Emphasis and focal point are principles of organization.The strongest focal point with the greatest visual weight is the dominant element. It draws attention to a specific location in an artwork. It is used to create dominance and focus,in example of emphasis and focal point is balance. Balance can be symmetrical (or formal), asymmetrical (informal), or radial (around a central point.)

The pictures are showing formal symmetry. One picture is a recreation of a Rorschach ink blot picture. It was done using black acrylic paint on 9×12 white drawing paper. The other picture was done using Pitt pens on white paper. Neither picture does not use the rule of third but it was done on purpose to show symmetry.